We invest tens of thousands to access investment intelligence databases and data sources which assist in building up a claim. We are adept at unearthing and recovering lost funds even when the scam company’s tactics includes cover tracks.

With an established global network of agents, trained in forensic science and digital investigations, we are able to gather evidence from all legitimate internal or external sources. Reviewing large volumes of data to find the facts that matter is what we do.

Our Vision
Our vision is to have an enabling environment for cryptocurrency. We look to reduce to the barest minimum, the number of unrecovered monies lost due to fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help innocent people who have lost their cryptocurrencies online, to recover them in the shortest possible time and in the most cost-effective way.

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Our team of experts are trained to always put the interest of the client first. This has endeared us to many of our clients who trust us, you can also trust us too.

Melmac Solutions Limited has been cited as an industry subject matter expert by numerous news outlets, including:

The scams we work your way out of.

Scams are prevalent, period. And not everyone manages to get out of one unhinged. We are here to do exactly that.

The number of ways cons work their way to your money is truly impressive. Online scams swarmed in and took naive traders and users aback with their intelligent plots. The scam can play out either while carrying out simple banking activities or making credit card payments.

Whether you ended up making the wrong credit card transaction, got caught up with a CFD scam, or an online scam you were least expecting, Financial Fund Recovery can get you out of it.

Online Scams

The swarm of digital scams has disabled numerous.

Banking Fraud

Banking should secure your money, not the other way around.

Credit/Debit Card Scams

A secure and safe banking source but still not foolproof.

CFD Trading Scams

High-risk assets (not only profit-wise).

Forex Scams

Trade with currencies but not shady exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Scams

Crypto is enticing but so are huge promises; choose wisely.

Binary Options Scam

Keep away from the duality of scammers, not of Binary Options.

Online Dating Scams

Fall in love, not for scams.

The growing buzz of cryptocurrency lured many naive traders into its realm, and many ended up in the wrong hands.

Forex exchange is enormous, and regulation does not come easy, thus leaving the window open for scammers to hop in. The brokers often portray impressive achievements, positive feedback, and interact online; this is how cryptocurrency and binary options scams work.

They even go as far as approaching people on dating platforms, forming a relationship, and then playing out their gimmick. Our motive is to accomplish a scam-free trading environment and aid the ones who somehow ended up with any of them.

listen From OUR CUSTOMER

Our team helps victims of cryptocurrency theft by tracking funds’ movement using blockchain analysis methods, identifying culprits, and facilitating recovery through advanced methods.