Bank Lost Fund Investigation Service


Wire transfers are subject to various national banking and consumer protections laws. These regulations vary depending on the jurisdiction where the transaction took place. Melmac Solution’s experts will investigate the issue to see if the transaction was conducted in a way that was inconsistent with the applicable laws and regulations. Bank wire recalls are very complex and involve multiple steps. They can vary from 3 to 6 months. In some cases, the recalls can be initiated even after the banks are located abroad. At times, the transfers end up with overseas banks. In such cases, the process can be even more complex and take longer than when both banks are in the same country.

Bank Lost Fund Investigation Service

Melmac Solutions provides a Bank Lost Fund Investigation Service to recover lost funds from wire transfer recalls. Our expert team handles scams, fraudulent transactions, and erroneous transfers, offering tailored solutions using advanced techniques and technology. We understand the distress and frustration of lost funds.

Key Services

  • Wire Transfer Recalls

Specializes in managing wire transfer recalls and collaborating with financial institutions to expedite processes and increase recovery chances.

  • Fraudulent Transaction Investigation

Investigate fraudulent transactions, identify responsible parties, and gather evidence for fund recovery.

  • Scam Recovery Services

Experts assist victims of scams, utilizing their expertise to guide recovery and combat various scams.

  • Erroneous Transfer Resolution

Misdirected funds are rectified, and money is returned promptly in cases of error.

How to Recover Lost Funds

We are a trusted partner for recovering lost funds. Contact us and provide details about your case. Our team will analyze your case and tailor a strategy to maximize recovery chances. We prioritize client satisfaction and maintain strict confidentiality. Regain control of your finances with Melmac Solutions’ expert Bank Lost Fund Investigation Service.