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How to Restore Stolen Coins from Crypto Fraud

Since we began offering clients assistance in 2017 to recover stolen cryptocurrency, our most frequent response has been, “If your cryptocurrency is stolen, there is nothing we can do.”

Okay, not any longer. Now that the stolen assets and transaction of victims are “trapped” in compromised Ethereum wallets or stolen, we can assist them. Yet, how does cryptocurrency get locked in a wallet?

What to Do If Your Crypto Is Stolen

First, they remove all of your money from the wallet when cryptocurrency criminals get their hands on it. Then, as soon as you transmit anything to that wallet, a sweeper bot that checks the amount every few seconds drains it.

But, occasionally they are unable to drain the entire asset, either because they cannot see it or because it is locked up. You might, for instance, have investments in a liquidity pool or an income-producing node.  In this situation, they must wait till the money is released. They continue to refuse the victims access in the interim.

Getting Past Crypto-Criminals

We can help in this situation. The scammers need to see the financing Ethereum transaction that covers the withdrawal before they can steal money from a compromised wallet. But what if we transmit the transaction—which includes both the funding transaction and the recovery operation I wish to carry out—directly to the Ethereum miners? The Ethereum used to pay for the gas is never lost to scammers. In addition, we manage our own sweeper bot to prevent the con artists from accessing the hijacked wallet.

How Does It Function?

We utilize sponsored transactions to pay for Ethereum transactions coming from a third-party address. In essence, we pay an Ethereum miner to agree to a transaction bundle that consists of a financing transaction, transactions obtaining tokens from a compromised wallet, and a final transaction that confirms the validity of the earlier transactions before paying the miner. When it’s over, our bundle doesn’t appear on the public blockchain, and the scammer is helpless to stop us.

How do we create the transaction bundle? 

In order to execute each smart contract that we want to put in the bundle, we basically search up the source code, reverse engineer it to identify the necessary functions, and then develop code to do so.

We simulate the entire procedure to determine the amount of gas (transaction fees) we will need to pay for each transactions, and we then give the miners a commission to process it immediately.

Our own burn bot, which prevents scammers from accessing hacked wallets, is the other component of this project. Every 100 milliseconds, the burn bot scans the blockchain for a transaction and reads from a database of stolen keys. If the balance increases above a certain point, it will either send the entire amount to itself or to us.

To ensure that it can operate more quickly than the scammer’s bots, the bot establishes a connection to a full Ethereum node on a potent workstation with quick Internet.

Assets and Projects Supported

We have to reverse-engineer the smart contract for each supported cryptocurrency and project to figure out how to get the customer’s assets back. We only need to do it once because the ERC-20 standard is adhered to by all ERC-20 tokens. ERC-721 also works with NFT’s. By directly invoking an NFT’s smart contract, We can transfer hundreds of NFT’s in one transaction. Additional work is needed for other initiatives. While we can use a separate procedure for any EVM-compatible chain like Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Blockchain, supported ecosystems currently include Ethereum and Polygon.


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The CEO of alleged cryptocurrency trading platform EminiFX, pled guilty and agreed to repay millions of dollars to clients who lost money

Crypto – Forex Platform CEO pleads guilty to $248M Fraud Scheme

The CEO of the alleged cryptocurrency trading platform EminiFX, Eddy Alexandre, could spend up to 10 years in prison for his involvement in the scam causing his investors to lose money.

In a New York district court, Eddy Alexandre, the CEO of alleged cryptocurrency trading platform EminiFX, pled guilty and agreed to repay millions of dollars to clients who lost money as a result of his “cryptocurrency investment scheme”.

On February 10, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed that Alexandre had entered a guilty plea to one count of commodities fraud and would forfeit over $248 million in addition to paying unspecified restitution.

In regard to his participation in EminiFX, Alexandre was detained and charged in May. He initially entered a not guilty plea, but on February 10 he modified it. The maximum punishment for him is ten years in prison.

From around September 2021 to May 2022, Alexandre controlled the cryptocurrency and FX trading platform and “solicited more than $248 million in investments from tens of thousands of individual individuals,” according to U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Damian Williams.

Williams claimed Alexandre claimed EminiFX could provide “monthly returns of at least 5%,” but in truth, the CEO utilized part of the money for personal purchases and didn’t invest a “significant percentage” of it.

He hailed EminiFX as a platform for passive income that “assured” the claimed returns on investment by automating trading in cryptocurrencies and foreign currencies using a top-secret new technology.

Alexandre promised investors that their money will quadruple within five months while refusing to explain the technology. Investors in the program were misled into believing they had received the promised 5% returns.
Alexandre didn’t tell investors that he actually lost millions of dollars on the money he did invest.

He also transferred about $14.7 million to his own account, spent about $155,000 on a BMW and more on Mercedes Benz payments.

Despite the deception Alexandre committed, some EminiFX investors supported him.

According to a Bloomberg story from August 10th, a small number of people flew from abroad to attend a plea hearing in August. A supporter asserted that the allegations against Alexandre were racist.

The Commodities Futures Trading Commission is suing Alexandre in a separate civil case for “fraudulent solicitation and misappropriation” in connection with cryptocurrency and foreign exchange trading.

Will victims of EminiFX get compensated?


Melmac Solutions, one of the global leaders in cybersecurity, uncovered and indicated this investment scam has been running a massive fake investment scheme since at least 2021. We were able to trace down a complex network infrastructure of over 300 scam domains hosted on 70 servers, and EminiFX’s scam kit to lure the victims onto fake investment portals the scammers have been impersonating 40 popular European brands from the banking, fin-tech, crypto, and asset management industries.

We have accessed the mainnet of EminiFX and downloaded their entire mining block but the pubkeys to the transactions are encrypted/encoded in P2PKH addresses which spreads across a public ledger known as the blockchain.

Editor’s closing note:


The only thing more dangerous than cryptocurrency scammers are the even worse scammers who ‘help you’ get your money back from fraudulent brokerages, numerous individuals are repeatedly re-targeted by so called “crypto recovery firms” victims in recovering their losses. However, a lot of the time these businesses are scammers that use refund scams to attack victims again when they are weak.
Our vision is to have an enabling environment for cryptocurrency . We look to reduce to the barest minimum, the number of unrecoverable money lost due to fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes. If you have been wondering how to go about getting your money back after many failed attempts, submit a report to us.


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